I'm a 26 years old french girl. I'm a huge fan of Cote de Pablo, (Tiva ♥... R.I.P) I also LOVE Nikita ♥ Mikita Forever ♥ and Once Upon A Time ♥ Captain Swan ♥.

I'm also a big fan of Chelsea Handler, I never miss an episode of Chelsea Lately.
I love old movies, especially the ones with Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland. (Breakfast at Tiffany's, My fair lady, Meet me in St Louis, The Wizard of Oz ... ♥)

If you want to know anything, just ask me.

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I'm tired of pretending...


Raphael: Hey Jennifer!

Jennifer:  Hey Buddy!

That kid is sooooo cute.


Captain Swan!! Here’s the kiss that happened! I might as well post since its out anyways! They did lots of takes for this (more than 5)

Sorry for the bad quality guys. Night shoots sucks big time! I hate taking photos at night!

" nggreeeooowwwrr… "

" nggreeeooowwwrr… "

Life is full of adventures, but the biggest is falling in love with you.

requested by gentlesleaze (x)


Colin teasing Jen aka these two adorable cuties ♥ [x]


"He’s blushing"
Jennifer  “Gonna-Make-You-Say-It”  Morrison


You can say boyfriend. [x]

jennifer and colin + repeating one another


"You can say boyfriend!" aka i’m dead [x]


jen & colin talking about clothes at the sdcc


He’s a special friend… but they’re friends! [x]

Jen and Colin being adorable at comic con.


the hug that killed cs shippers and actually my favorite thing from comic con

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